Photo: @PopeyesChicken/Twitter

It’s been nearly two months since Popeyes ran out of the fried chicken sandwich that launched a hundred thousand tweets, lines down the block, and even got a gun pulled on some employees in Houston. This marked a truly low moment in American food history and proved that we weren’t ready for a chicken sandwich of that magnitude.

The good news is we’re getting a second chance to prove that we’re not complete animals: Next month, Popeyes will relaunch the chicken sandwich in 150 locations run by a franchisee called Sun Holdings Inc., according to Bloomberg. (That represents about 4 percent of all Popeyes locations.) To deal with the sheer mania this news will cause, Popeyes will hire 400 new employees and may assign as many as two people per restaurant to chicken sandwich duties.

We did a bit of digging to figure out exactly where the chicken sandwiches will be returning and it appears that Sun Holdings–owned Popeyes are located in Texas, Oklahoma City, and central and coastal Florida. So, enjoy your chicken sandwich windfall, people who live in those places. The rest of us will just have to wait it out.