mexicali mamma door fb1A Geelong restaurant has had its front door smashed in following a confrontation with a customer who refused to show\ identification to prove he was not breaching Melbourne’s lockdown.

Mexacali Mama staff received a call in the early hours of Sunday morning to advise them of an alarm going off at the restaurant.

The owners turned up to find their front door had been smashed.

It came just hours an incident on Saturday night in which a man claimed he was ‘within his rights’ not to show ID.

After being asked several times to leave the man eventually departed.

Geelong businesses are being encouraged to check IDs to ensure people are not coming to the city in breach of Melbourne’s continuing stay-at-home rules.

Mexicali Mama said the business, like other hospitality venues, had endured a difficult 18-months.

“To this person and to whoever decided to vandalise our business, I just hope you realise the difficulties that small businesses in hospitality have faced over the last 18-months,” the company posted on social media.

“Things like checking in through a QR code and sighting ID when metro VIC is not allowed in to regional VIC are government mandated policies that if we don’t follow can face business fines of up to $10,000.”

Picture: supplied via Facebook