Virtual Restaurant Consulting Launches Program To Save Independent Restaurants

With 700,000 independent restaurants threatened by disruptive technology, this revolutionary online course features resources and inside knowledge essential to open a profitable Delivery-Only Restaurant in around 60 days

Los Angeles, CA  (  Food delivery’s fast growth, fueled by the proliferation of online order platforms and rapidly changing consumer habits, has massively disrupted the brick-and-mortar restaurant business, forcing many restaurateurs to re-evaluate their traditional business model.  

Determined to help restaurateurs get ahead, Virtual Restaurant Consulting (VRC) created the Virtual Restaurant Builder™,  an online program offering unparalleled insight critical to opening a profitable virtual restaurant— a delivery-only restaurant without a physical space for customers to dine in. Virtual restaurants operate out of an existing restaurant kitchen or out of a rented commercial kitchen space, sometimes called a cloud or ghost kitchen.

Industry experts agree the shift towards off-premise dining (meals ordered from restaurants but consumed elsewhere) is a major threat to the profitability, and even survival of many restaurants, and in particular for single unit independent restaurants which represent more than 70% of the one million plus restaurant locations in the US. For these restaurateurs, ignoring this shift in consumer demand could be extremely costly, and trying to open a successful virtual restaurant without the necessary expert advice and guidance would be a major challenge.

Alan Moore, senior partner at VRC explains the momentum and necessity behind the Virtual Restaurant Builder™: “With this seismic shift towards off-premise dining, the emergence of virtual restaurants and cloud kitchens is the biggest change I’ve witnessed in my 30 years in the hospitality business. To be honest, for many independent restaurateurs the traditional brick-and-mortar model is broken, and  I am genuinely concerned that many restaurants will go the way of Blockbuster, Borders Books and Tower Records if they don’t adapt. That is why we wanted to provide a modern solution at an accessible price point.”

The Virtual Restaurant Builder™ ( is a digital online platform comprised of 44 instructional videos, templates, cheat seats, live Q & A calls, ongoing mentorship, and more. The entire course is available immediately upon enrollment and can be completed on an individual timeline.

The Builder™ is for all experience levels—existing restaurateurs who want to level the playing field with a relatively low investment to save or grow their business and create additional revenue streams in a short time—or for those who want to get into the restaurant business for substantially less cost and risk than opening a traditional brick-and-mortar location (including food truck operators, caterers, chefs, cooks, foodies, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs). ?

“Opening a virtual restaurant is not about putting a menu online or just signing up with one of the third-party delivery apps,” explains Moore.  “We have seen dozens of independent owners and celebrity chefs fail by going it alone without the needed guidance and expertise…and that is why the Virtual Restaurant Builder™ is absolutely indispensable.”  

The Virtual Restaurant Builder™ comes with over $10,000 of real-life value and is regularly priced at $4999. Two launch specials are being offered for a limited time: 50% discount—five payments of $499;  or 60% discount for a one-time payment of $1999.

Virtual Restaurant Consulting Launches Program To Save Independent Restaurants

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